Welcome to the Hortus Group website:

The Hortus Group is one of the few key specialty
growers of young plants.  Located in the Monterey
Bay area of California where we have year-round 
moderate temperatures ideal for growing young 

Our commitment has always been to provide the 
closest relationship between the flower breeder, the grower, and the retailer.  We constantly introduce
new products. We do our utmost to deliver our 
product on time, as well as supplying new varieties.  
We have a dedicated staff and an excellent track 

Included in this website our products, the availability,
a brief description and photos of common pests and
diseases. We discuss growing tips and include a 
page for perennial cyclamen and flower bulbs and  
other new products now available through Hortus


P.O. Box 7446

Spreckels, CA.  93962

Phone# (831) 755-0570

Fax# (831) 755-0579





Revised 10/14

Ask for availability at mcampill@headstartnursery.com