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Our Expertise

Our expertise is supplying the wholesale trade and nursery growers with specialty seeds, bulbs and young plants. Located in the Monterey Bay area of California, our year round moderate temperatures and high light levels allow us to grow the finest young plants to be shipped throughout North America.

Since 1995 we have assisted with many seed, bulb and plug needs. Based on our knowledge and experience, we advise with proper seed, bulb and plug choice along with production scheduling to ensure the highest level of success in your end results.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a close relationship between the international horticulture breeders and the North American wholesale nursery industry and floral trade. We provide services for worldwide breeders to assist them with the introduction of new genetics into North America. We specialize in providing seeds and young plants for growers of potted plants, bedding plants and cut flowers.

Our Suppliers & Partners

Cyclamen Seed Genetics & Plugs


Gerbera Seed Genetics & Plugs

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